Long-Term Care Facility Partnership Program

You can start offering online CNA training today with our free student management system.

Online CNA training is now available at your facilities

Students can start the Certified Nursing Assistant class anytime, from any computer. And the best part—you pay nothing until after the student completes Unit I and starts Unit II.

Portal features

  • Register students
  • Schedule Courses
  • Track student progress
  • Detailed Reporting
Hire & train anyone, anywhere

Benefits of Partnering with PMC

Low financial risk—you won't pay until the student is well into the training program.

Greater flexibility when scheduling your staff and Certified Nursing Assistant students.

Only pay for students who have proven ability and willingness to complete the program.

Easily access needed forms and documents for training Certified Nursing Assistants.

Immediate access to a CNA training program based on state and federal guidelines.

Less time in a traditional classroom and students learn at their own pace.

Offer a better learning experience with videos which can be watched, paused, and reviewed.

Utilize your nurses better with more time on the floor taking care of residents.

Out of the box solution for running your own training program.

Monitor and document student's online progress.

This is amazing! I can register students, give them access to the CNA course videos, quizzes and tests, and manage their progress from one website portal! After 30 years of offering CNA classes at our school I can honestly say this is the best learning platform I have seen!

Renee Anderson, RN, BSN VP Educational Services

Offer students multiple CTE certifications

Our graduates are prepared for online medical industry certifications

Medical Assistant National Certification Exams, RMA, CMA, CCMA, NCMA

Phlebotomy Technician National Certification Exam, CPT

Electrocardiogram Technician (EKG Tech) National Certification Exam, CET

Insurance Billing and Coding National Certification Exam,, MCBS, CMCB

Veterinarian Assistant National Certification Exam, CVA

Your students will love it

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your facility will need a state approved Certified Nursing Assistant course in place with one nurse designated to sign off skills and assist students throughout the program. Petra Medical College will provide the learning platform for the didactic instruction, notes, exams, forms, and progress reports for each of your students.

You pay nothing until your students have proven their ability and willingness to complete the training program and your facility’s nurse is used for training purposes only when a student needs skills to be checked off. You save time by letting PMC handle everything except for onsite skills check.

Yes. Every state has slightly different rules and regulations in place for offering nursing assistant training and your facility will need to meet those requirements in order to partner with Petra Medical College as a third party curriculum provider.

Federal laws require that states establish nursing assistant training programs that meet certain requirements for competency. This means your program will still require an in-person skills check. The current laws allow for a third party partnership to provide some of the training, but do not allow for a fully online program at this time.

There are many benefits to training students online. Online training provides your students immediate access to a continuously updated learning platform that ensures training consistency and standardization, allows for collaboration between your employees and the student, fits your staff's needs for flexibility, enhances learning. It frees your staff to focus on skills training and saves your company money.

Partnering with Petra Medical College makes training & hiring nursing assistants easier by allowing them to start and complete their training program on their own time schedule from any computer in any location. Students who need to meet requirements for employment, such as vaccination, can get to work now outside of the facility before beginning employment.

Skills may be checked off by an LPN that is overseen by the “Primary Instructor” which has to be an RN in your facility. Many facilities may want the DON or ADON to fill this role. The skills training in your facility will be based on your state’s Nurse Aide Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP), for which PMC will provide didactic training so your students will be prepared for any on-the-job skills training and testing your facility provides.

Petra Medical College’s online learning platform was established after 30 years of experience training nursing assistants. We have graduated over 10,000 CNAs—now we stand ready to lead your graduates to the finish line.