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Veterinarian Assistant Foundations

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This course will teach you the fundamentals of veterinary assisting. Veterinary assistants handle routine care for animals under the supervision of a veterinarian. They assist the veterinarian with animal care duties like feeding, bathing, and exercising the animals. And they monitor the animals during and after medical procedures or surgeries and help collect specimens for lab work. Vet assistants work mainly in veterinary clinics, animal hospitals or research laboratories.

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What you will learn.

We will teach you the skills you need.

How to feed, bathe, and exercise various animals

How to understand medications or immunizations that veterinarians prescribe

How to properly clean and disinfect cages, kennels, and exam/operating rooms

How to assist in procedures such as collecting blood, urine, and tissue samples

How to restrain animals during examination and laboratory procedures

How to assist in providing emergency first aid to sick and injured animals

How to use infection control principles to maintain and sterilize surgical instruments and equipment

How to provide care before and after medical and surgical procedures

How to coach pet owners on the proper care of animals during illness or after surgery

How to understand the veterinary assistant’s role during surgical procedures

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More Details

  • Credit applies to the Veterinarian Assistant Program
  • Estimated Completion Time: 6-9 weeks (26 seat hours)
  • This course culminates in the CVA National Certification Exam
  • To view textbook info, download the Course Catalogue

To view textbook info, download the Course Catalogue.

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Veterinarian Assistant Foundations online course

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