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Elective - Mental Health

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This elective, focus course equips you to specialize in mental health care. Allied Health professionals focused on mental health, work under the direction of Psychiatrists and nurse practitioners—they are commonly referred to as psychiatric technicians and aides. These techs provide care for patients who have mental illness and developmental disabilities. This course will prepare you to work in a psychiatric hospital, residential mental health facility, or related healthcare settings.

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What you will learn.

We will teach you the skills you need.

How to understand the role of the psychiatric technician

How to recognize symptoms that require intervention

How to distinguish between normal human behavior and mental disorders

How to prevent disruptive behaviors in a mental health context

How to identify common medical treatments for patients with mental illness

How to coach patients coping with mental illness

How to establish a milieu and work with a patient’s treatment team

How to find community resources for patients in need of help

How to keep a patient safe when he or she is at risk for suicide

How to start a career as a psychiatric technician or aide

I had never taken an online course before, but the website was so intuitive I always knew exactly what I needed to do to pass the class. Highly recommended, thank you!

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More Details

  • Credit applies to the Medical Assistant Program
  • Estimated Completion Time: 4-6 weeks (16 seat hours)
  • Graduate with an MA specialization with this course
  • To view textbook info, download the Course Catalogue

To view textbook info, download the Course Catalogue.

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Elective - Mental Health online course

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Tuition / Credit Hour: $292.00 | Credit Hours: 1 Hour(s)

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